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Student's Club - ART & Craft and Literature

With an objective of help students to pursue their hobbies and interests and to bring people together, the student clubs are created at the University. As a club member, one knows about himself, his interests and goals. Students can unravel their strengths like Multitasking, Organization Skills, Team Building Skills, Leadership Skills and Service Mindedness. The clubs also help in pursuing an old hobby. Networking opportunities being major benefit that Club members develop along with bond among themselves which help in growing. Association of students with clubs help in showcasing one's domain interest, balance between academics and hobbies. Activities organized/participated as a club member looks good on the resume.

Art & Craft CLUB

The objectives of the art & craft club are:

  1. To develop and polish the talents of students.
  2. To showcase their talents at various competitions organized at different level by different Universities/ Organizations.
  3. To enhance skills of students at organizing and managing events/ programs at University.

Office Bearer:

S. No. Name of the Student Post
1. Sakshi Patel President
2. Bhuvanjay Rajput Vice-President
3. Rishabh Singh Rajavat Secretary
4. Deepak Sahu Organizing Head
5. Shejal Upadhyaya Branding Head


The objectives of the Literature club are:

  1. To inculcate among students a flair for the language and enhance their literary skills.
  2. To induce reading habit in students.
  3. To encourage students to become orators and display their intellectual, independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence.
  4. To provide a platform for debating events.
  5. To improve and encourage creative writing.

Office Bearer:

S. No. Name of the Student Post
1. Koushalendra Pratap Singh President
2. Naina Bharagav Vice-President
3. Divya Patel Secretary
4. Palak Shrivastav Organizing Head
5. Abhimanyu Kumar Yadav Branding Head