Course Outcomes

Semester 1

Course Code

Course Title

Course Outcomes

PY 101 (A)

Remedial Mathematics

  1. Understanding basic formulas to be used for higher statistical calculations.
  2. Evaluate raw data and compilation.

PY 101 (B)

Remedial Biology

  1. Understanding of living organism.
  2. Ability to analyze international classification system for living things.
  3. Ability to discriminate structure of living cells and their significance.

PY 102

Computer Application

  1. Use of Microsoft office, internet resources and e mails in pharmaceutical sciences


PY 103

Pharmaceutics- I (ITP)

  1. Recall the history of Pharmaceutical practice through ages.
  2. Define principle procedure of general formulations.
  3. Recognize route of drug administration and classification of Pharmaceutical dosage form.

PY 104

Ph. Chemistry- I (Physical)

  1. Explain atomic molecular structure, chemical bonding and physiochemical properties of substance.
  2. Demonstrate experiments, data analysis, construct graphs, tables and calculate results.
  3. Discriminate the concepts and results of laboratory experiments of physicochemical properties of matter.

PY 105

Ph. Chemistry- II (Inorganic)

  1. Classify and describe sources of impurity and periodicity of elements.
  2. Choose various electrolytes and reagents for pharmaceutical preparations.
  3. Employ the use of radiopharmaceuticals in Medicine preparations and diagnostics.

Semester 2

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Course Title

Course Outcomes

PY 201

Advance Mathematics

  1. Understand and apply basic differential and integral calculations to apply in pharmaceutical sciences.
  2. Analyze and evaluate the research data through correlation and regression analysis.

PY 202

Pharmaceutics II (Physical Pharmacy)

  1. Define and recall fundamental physical theories of matter in the development of dosage forms.
  2. Select proper physical and chemical principles in quality control of designed dosage forms.

PY 203

Ph. Chem. III (Organic I)

  1. Understand hydrocarbons, organic compounds containing halogen, alcohols, Phenols, Carboxylic acids, their preparation and properties.
  2. Understand and recall about stereochemistry, chirality and racemic mixture.

PY 204

Pharmacognosy- I

  1. Identify, classify, isolation, analyze, the medicinal plant and their properties.
  2. Apply the use of medicinal plant, its industrial importance and cultivation of plant.
  3. Illustrate various pharrmacognostic parameters of crude drugs.

PY 205


  1. Describe basics skills of anatomy and physiology.
  2. Describe the structure and function of cells.
  3. Describe and identify tissues, specific parts and key terms of the Integumentary system, Skeletal System, muscular System and Cardiovascular System.

Semester 3

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Course Title

Course Outcomes

PY 301

Pharmaceutics III
(Pharmaceutical Engineering – I)

  1. Design and develop new technologies (equipment based) in Pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Analyze the use of correct material for construction of Pharmaceutical plant.
  3. Employ the industrial hazards and safety measures in industry.

PY 302


  1. Explain the digestive system, central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, urinary system, endocrine system, reproductive system and sense organs.
  2. Understand and recall the basic human disorders.
  3. Analyze the biochemical parameters of urine and blood.

PY 303

Ph. Chem. IV
(Organic Chem. - II)

  1. Develop basic knowledge of heterocyclic compounds their nomenclature, synthesis and properties.
  2. Employ concept of photochemistry in synthesis of organic compounds.
  3. Use of different synthetic routes to synthesis organic compounds to be used in pharmaceutical sciences.

PY 304

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

  1. Define and classify the historical development and scope of microbiology.
  2. Employ the knowledge to control the microbe by physical and chemical methods.
  3. Judge and control the communicable diseases, sewage and sewage disposal, food spoilage and prevention of foods from microbes.

PY 305

Pharmacognosy - II

  1. Describe the primary and secondary metabolites in plants through metabolic pathways.
  2. Identify the phytoconstitutes of different parts of medicinal plants.
  3. Demonstrate the chemistry biogenesis and Pharmacological activities of herbs.

Semester 4

Course Code

Course Title

Course Outcomes

PY 401

Pharmaceutics - IV
(Pharmaceutical Engineering – I)

  1. Operate different techniques like drying, distillation, evaporation, extraction, crystallization, mixing, filtration and centrifugation.
  2. Design and develop pilot plant scale up technique to be used in construction of pharmaceutical plant.


PY 402

Pharmaceutics – V
(Dosage form Design)

  1. Understand the basic design of preformulation of solid, liquid and semisolid dosage form.
  2. Analyze the composition of formulations by polymers, additives and compatibility with other excipints and API.
  3. Demonstrate the concepts of dissolution technology.

PY 403

Pharmaceutical Analysis - I

  1. Understand the qualitative and quantitative estimation of chemical compounds.
  2. Identify and locate the impurities through different fundamental techniques.
  3. Differentiate the analytical techniques used in pharmaceutical with reference to Indian Pharmacopoeia.

PY 404

Ph. Chem. V (Bio Chem.)

  1. Demonstrate and understand fundamental principles of biochemistry, including major pathways of metabolism, biosynthesis, replication, transcription, and translation. 
  2. Demonstrate a qualitative and quantitative understanding of biomolecular structure; enzyme catalyzed chemical reactions that transform biomolecules.
  3. Use modern instrumental technique to monitor the biochemical reactions catalyzed by enzymes.

PY 405

Pharmacology - I

  1. Identify the route of drug administrating, mechanism of action, combined effects of drug and pharmacological actions.
  2. Recognize the Pharmacokinetics of drug.
  3. Understand the process of drug discovery and development of new API.
  4. CO4 Describe the fundamental molecular mechanism of drug, receptor and their intracellular signaling mechanism.

Semester 5

Course Code

Course Title

Course Outcomes

PY 501

Pharmaceutics –VI
(Cosmetic Technology)

  1. Develop the skill in cosmetic and toilet preparations.
  2. Design the concept of cosmetic according to application on the different parts of body.
  3. Employ the evaluation and packing skill for different form of cosmetics.

PY 502

Pharmaceutics VII
(Dispensing Community and Hospital Pharmacy)

  1. Employ the handling, dispensing of prescription and use Latin terms in prescription.
  2. Discuss and educate the community Pharmacy to society through retail / wholesale store management.
  3. Design the preparation and revision of hospital Formulary.
  4. CO4 Support the hospital system by working as hospital Pharmacist, Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee.

PY 503

Pharmaceutical Chemistry - VI
(Medicinal Chemistry - I)

  1. Understand and reproduce principals of drug discovery, Physicochemical and steric aspects of drug molecules.
  2. Demonstrate the reaction mechanism of drug synthesis.
  3. Explain the drugs acting on neurotransmitter and immune system of human body and identify possible mechanism of drug action.

PY 504

Pharmacognosy - III

  1. Demonstrate the biosynthetic study and basic metabolic pathways of natural compounds.
  2. Describe the phytochemical screening techniques and able to identify the phyto constitutes of plants.
  3. Evaluate the systemic Pharmacological study of Alkaloid drugs.

PY 505

Pharmacology - II

  1. Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge in the field of cholinergic, adrenergic, serotonergic and dopamine path in CNS.
  2. Explain the mechanism of action, drug interaction and use of CNS and GIT acting drugs.
  3. Demonstrate a mastery of technical and experimental methodologies required to conduct   research in the field of animal study.

Semester 6

Course Code

Course Title

Course Outcomes

PY 601

Pharmaceutical Industrial Management

  1. Create the qualities of managerial process in Pharmaceutical Field.
  2. Evaluate the promotion, advertisement and sale product of Pharmaceutical filed.
  3. Apply the economics, law of demand and supply in pharmaceutical business.

PY 602

Pharmaceutical Analysis - II

  1. Demonstrate the instrumentation and interpretation of spectra used in Pharmaceutical analysis.
  2. Examine the separation of vital active constituents by chromatographic techniques.
  3. Employ the knowledge of sophisticated instrument al techniques in Advanced Pharmaceutical research.

PY 603

Pharmaceutical Chemistry – VII
 (Medicinal Chemistry -II)

  1. Explain the Structure Activity Relationship, mechanism of action, synthesis and use of CNS, GIT and Hormone acting drugs.
  2. Apply the CADD and molecular modeling knowledge in designing of new molecules to be used as drug.
  3. Understand the category of Drugs used in different disease conditions.

PY 604

Pharmacognosy - IV

  1. Examine the separation of vital active constituents by chromatographic techniques in herbal drugs.
  2. Distinguish the novel herbal drugs from different sources.
  3. Recall the plant tissue culture technique and its use in development of Phytoconstituents.
  4. CO4 Analyze the importance of Phytoconstituents on the basis of spectroscopic techniques.

PY 605

Pharmacology - III

  1. Understand the pathophysiology of disease of cardiovascular system and drugs acting on cardiovascular system.
  2. Understand the pathophysiology of disease of Hematopoietic, Urinary and Endocrine system and drugs acting on them.
  3. Evaluate the potency of unknown compound with reference to standard compound using animal organs.
  4. CO4 Evaluate pharmacological screening of drugs in animals.

PY 606

Educational Study Tour

  1. Identify the role of Pharmacy professional in Pharma industry.
  2. Understand the theoretical aspects directly viewing production and other activity live in industry and can decide his career.
  3. Recognize the planning and implementation of skill in Pharma industry.

Semester 7

Course Code

Course Title

Course Outcomes

PY 701

Pharmaceutics – VIII
((Pharmaceutical Technology – I)

  1. Employ the Pharmaceutical technology used in production of solid, liquid and parental dosage forms with good manufacturing practices.
  2. Formulate the blood product, plasma substitute, aerosols and sterile dosage forms..
  3. Design and development of dosage form for large volume production and scale-up techniques.

PY 702

Pharmaceutics – IX
(Biopharmacutics and Pharmacokinetics)

  1. Analyze the various pharmacokinetic data of drugs.
  2. Describe biopharmaceutical study for development of different dosage form.
  3. Design the Bioavailability and Bio- equivalence study of new drugs dosage forms and its use in Clinical research.

PY 703

Pharmaceutical Chemistry -  VIII
(Medicinal Chemistry -III)

  1. Explain the Structure Activity Relationship, mechanism of action, synthesis and use of Cardiovascular, Urinary and chemotherapeutic agents.
  2. Memorize the category of Drugs used in different disease conditions.

PY 704

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

  1. Understand and recall the historical development in Pharmaceutical biotechnology.
  2. Describe the basic principle of antigen antibody reaction mechanism related to immunity of human body.
  3. Employ the knowledge in to genetic and recombination technology and microbial transformation in industrial biotechnology.

PY 705

Pharmacology – IV
(Clinical and Drug Interactions)

  1. Employ the knowledge of microbes and chemotherapeutic agents in disease conditions and their treatment.
  2. Understand and describe clinical pharmacology and drugs used in different age and sex.
  3. Evaluate the toxicological effects of chemicals.

PY 706

Project work

  1. To design the new research projects.
  2. Evaluate the research data.
  3. Operate the industrial live projects.
  4. CO4 Use and develop Basic skill for research for future.

Semester 8

Course Code

Course Title

Course Outcomes

PY 801

Pharmaceutics-X (Pharmaceutical Technology- II)

  1. Employ the comprehensive knowledge of novel drug delivery system.
  2. Use the safe and targeted delivery of drug.
  3. Develop the pilot plant scale up techniques.

PY 802

Pharmaceutics-XI (Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence)

  1. Understand and recall laws and acts depicted in Drug and Cosmetic act 1940.
  2. Understand the Indian regulatory legislation for drug and Pharmaceutical Industries.

PY 803

Pharmaceutical Analysis-III

  1. Develop new analytical technique for bulk drug and dosage form by sophisticated instrumental techniques.
  2. Design and develop the validation protocol as per Pharmacopoeia guidelines.
  3. Evaluate the impurity in drug substance and formulations as per ICH guidelines.

PY 804 A

Packaging Technology (Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics)

  1. Use the effective packaging principle and techniques to influence consumer choice.
  2. Classify Packing material to be used in Pharma industry, their stability in terms of self life and quality assurance.
  3. Understand the legal and regulatory requirement with special emphasis on CGMP and CGLP.

PY 804 B

Drug Discovery and Development

  1. Understand the basic of Dug Discovery and Development by research and development.

PY 804 C

Food and Neutraceutical Technology

  1. Choose the food and Neutraceutical materials for health of human being.
  2. Examine the technique of food processing and preservation, self life of food and Neutraceutical products.
  3. Understand and recall the regulatory aspects of food and Neutraceutical products.

PY 805A

Perfumes and Colors

  1. Use the manufacturing technique of cosmetics.
  2. Classify different available perfumes, color and cosmetics.
  3. Understand the regulatory aspects of use of colors in drug cosmetics and food as per schedules.

PY 805B

Clinical Research

  1. Demonstrate and use of clinical research in clinical Pharmacy in hospitals.
  2. Examine and interpret the patient data.
  3. Understand the basic design of clinical trials and also know institutional animal ethical committee and its function.

PY 805C

Herbal Drug Technology

  1. Understand the standardization techniques of herbal drug.
  2. Develop the new herbal formulation on the basis of aurveda principle as per ayurvedic pharmacopoeia.
  3. Design the plant tissue culture techniques and its application in Pharmacy.

PY 806

Professional Training

  1. weeks
  1. Develop the practical knowledge while working in industry to apply theoretical principle of Manufacturing.
  2. Understand the global marketing phenomenon through training.
  3. Understand moral, ethical and professional attitude in industry.